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Frequently Asked Questions is subject to the Belgian VAT exemption scheme for small businesses. This involves that stated prices on do not include VAT and there will be no VAT charged on settlement. This applies to both companies and consumers.

Prices stated on do not include shipping costs. The total shipping cost depends on 1) the destination, 2) the chosen courier and 3) the total weight of the order. They are always listed separately in the customer’s shopping cart. You can find a detailed overview of the shipping costs (calculation) on the website:

Orders sent with bpost are insured up to 500EUR for deliveries in Belgium. Outside Belgium, only the shipping costs are insured. UPS deliveries are always insured for the total cart value. Regardless whether the delivery takes place in Belgium or not. For both couriers the insurance covers damage and loss. We recommend UPS for deliveries outside Belgium

When goods are damaged or incomplete at the moment of delivery, the customer should make a written reservation on the courier’s delivery note. Always accept the package.

Any visible damage to and/or qualitative deficiencies of an article or other deficiency in the delivery must be reported immediately by the Customer to The Customer has to send an email to within 48hrs (2 days) after delivery. This email must contain the ordernumber, pictures of the broken bottles and pictures of the opened box as a whole with the damage as well as the shipping label visible.

We do not resend the bottles that were broken but we will refund in the currency of the original order. We do not compensate any currency fluctuations that may occur. The amount of the refund is limited to the insured value of the package.

Our primary goal is to focus on the experience around Gueuze and to share the passion for it by offering a complete, wide and detailed range. To obtain that complete and wide range, we are obliged to buy certain bottles at a very high intake price ourselves. The margin of profit is equal for each and every bottle.

Most of that margin is used to climate the storage space (temperature and humidity are kept constant) in order to store the gueuze in the most ideal conditions. This only benefits the 'aging' of the bottles. After all, Geuze is a beer with evolutionary taste. The rest of the margin is used to purchase new bottles to replenish or expand the stoc.k

The primary goal of is to share a passion by offering the most complete, wide and detailed product range Lambic and Geuze. Because of this we will continiously purchase new bottles from the Lambic and Geuze blenders/brewers to replenish and expand our stock. In that respect every sale ons benefits them and the whole Geuze community.

The full product range of is in stock. Orders before 4:00 pm will be transferred to our courier the same day. Delivery time is highly dependent on location. Unless otherwise agreed or explicitly determined otherwise, the goods shall be delivered to the customer’s residence within 3-10 working days after receipt of the order. In exceptional cases this can take longer.

When sending packages outside the EU, you cannot escape customs. This because there is no free movement of goods outside the EU. We do our utmost to avoid delays caused by customs. All our packages will comply with the administrative formalities for foreign shipments from the start: customs declaration (CN22/CN23), CP71 Dispatch Note, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, ...

Drink your Geuzes and (fruit) Lambics not too cold. Cellar temperature is ideal (50°F-55°F / 10°C-13°C). You want them a bit more chilled? Put them for a short period in the fridge - an hour or so. Avoid cooling below 46°F and let them warm up in the glass.

The older the bottle, the more you will enjoy your Lambic from a wine glass. Fruit Lambics can always be served in such a glass. For younger Geuzes, a Geuze glass is advised. Pour carefully; the lees should certainly remain in the bottle.

For tips and tricks regarding storage, we make a distinction between immediate consumption and storing your bottles for later:

If you would like to drink your bottles soon

Yeast lees will inevitably rise in your bottle during it's journey. It is important that this yeast lees can quietly settle again. Therefore, let the bottle rest for at least a few days (preferably even a few weeks) before opening it. Store the bottles in the direction that you will serve them (horizontally or vertically).

If you would like to store your bottles for later

Store your bottles in a cellar or in a dedicated wine cabinet/fridge:
  • Horizontally: This way, the cork remains moist and there is a equal spred of the oxygen and the lees over the surface of the lambic beer and in the bottle, allowing consistent evolution and a wonderful ageing.
  • Chilled: The ideal temperature is between 50°F-55°F (10°C-13°C) and stable throughout the seasons. A higher temperatue is less bad than sudden fluctuations.
  • Dark: Pitch-black.
  • Humid: Preferably a humidity higher than 75%. If that is not the case, you can cover the floor with limestone gravel and moisten weekly. This is not farfetched, it's a commonly accepted technique.
  • Avoid vibrations and regular changes between cellars.

The customer has the right to withdraw from this agreement within a period of 14 calendar days without giving reasons. The right of withdrawal period will expire 14 calendar days after the date when the goods were physically received by the customer or a third party indicated by the customer that is not the carrier. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must notify in an unambiguous statement (e.g. in writing by e-mail) about their decision to withdraw from the agreement.