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The most complete Lambic & Geuze shop you’ve ever seen is a young Belgian ecommerce company that originates from the driven passion of some friends for Lambic and Geuze beers. This Geuze shop intends to convey that passion to the wider public. This by offering a product range that is as complete, wide and detailed as possible. Whether you are in search for an affordable and accessible Geuze to make a cold winter evening cozy or hunting down a unique bottle to celebrate a milestone in your life with family or friends. Everyone will find something to their liking at

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How this Geuze shop works

We’ve tried to present our product range as clear as possible. Via the Shop you’ll find our complete cellar stock per Geuze blender or brewer. However, if you’re looking for a specific bottling date, it’s easier to take a look at the Geuze Filter. Using the Geuze Filter you can search through our entire Geuze cellar based on certain criteria. Very useful if you’re in search for a bottling date equal to the birthday of your loved ones or your wedding anniversary for example. The Promotions speak for themselves. We’ll try to launch a (new) promotion at least every two months. The Whalez are those unique bottles we talked about earlier.

We’ve also assembled a few packs, including an Oude Geuze and Kriek Introductory package in different sizes (S, M, L, XL). Ideal if you want to become acquainted with a wide Oude Geuze range. Beside the introductory packages we also offer Connaisseur packs for the more experienced Geuze enthusiast. The horizontal and vertical packages are mainly for comparison purposes. The Horizontals aim for a comparison of a specific assembly across different breweries or blenders, while the Verticals aim for a comparison of a specific assembly from one brewer or blender over different seasons. A lot of comparison information is available on and Untappd.

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We (re-)invest in the Geuze community

It’s by no means our intention to pursue profiteering with Even though we have not been blind to the market and its supply and demand mechanism in our pricing, our primary goal is to focus on the experience around Geuze and to share the passion for it by offering a complete, wide and detailed range. We (re-)invest a large part of the proceeds again in the Geuze blenders and brewers by keeping our stock up to date and expanding where possible. There are of course also certain costs that have to be paid., for example, has an air-conditioned storage facility in which the temperature and humidity are kept constant in order to store the Geuze in the most ideal conditions. This only benefits the ‘aging’ of the bottles. After all, Geuze is a beer with evolutionary taste.

geuze shop

Enjoy our product range, enjoy navigating our webshop and enjoy drinking a good Geuze with your loved ones!