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Tommie Sjef – Olasz 75cl


As you might know, we often cross the boundaries between beer and wine — and vice versa. In that sense, this wild ale is no exception.
We made a blend of several barrels of beer with different ages (1 up to 2 years old), which were macerated with different types of grapes — three in total: Olasz Rizling (white), Muscat (white), and a little bit of Kékfrankos (red). The concentration of fruit in this wild ale is high: 425 grams per litre.

In the aroma you’ll find floral notes like roses and elderflower, light strawberry notes from the addition of the red grapes, and a touch of spice and vanilla from the oak barrels. The scent might remind you of a natural wine: funkyness and apple skin. With the first sip you’ll notice the firm tannins this wild ale has. This is a result of the long maceration on wine grapes. Together with a high flavour density and solid acidity, Olasz offers a very wine-like drinking experience.

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