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Timmermans Oude Gueuze (old label) 2013-2016 37.5cl

Voted ‘Best Gueuze in the World’, this beer is the result of a mixture of old Lambic, matured for three years in oak barrels, and young Lambic, ensuring a spontaneous re-fermentation in the bottle for four months. This magnificent Oude Gueuze is unique and caters only the finest connoisseurs. The Oude Geuze is a controlled appellation and is therefore protected and only available in limited editions.

Taste: its colour is yellow-gold, and is very hazy due to its re-fermentation. Its scent is very bright, with typical wild-yeast Lambic; a sharp nose with very fresh aromas. This is a wild beer with a suprising vivacity and a sour taste.


Weight 1 kg


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