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Oud Beersel Oude Geuze Barrel Selection Oude Pijpen 2017 (Limited Edition) 37.5cl


In the past Port wine was shipped to the harbours of Bruges and Antwerp on wooden barrels of 650 liters, called ‘pipes’ or ‘pijpen’ in Dutch.

Some of these barrels were purchased by Lambic breweries and have contained Lambic for many generations. Some barrels have been circulating in other, some defunct, Lambic breweries before finding their final place in the barrel cellars of Oud Beersel.

We have blended the finest Lambics of on average 20 months old matured on these ‘old pipes’ of between 60 and 120 years old, to create an Oude Geuze with the characteristics of these old barrels.

Serve at: 8°C – 12°C
Shelf life: 20 years with subtle taste evolution
Bottle content: 37,5 cl

Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat, hops
5% ABV
Colour: golden yellow
Aroma: a combination of old wooden barrels and the refreshing aroma
of citrus fruits and tangy acidity
a full-bodied fruitiness with a balanced but distinctly sharp sourness

EDITIONS: 2017, 2020