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Boon Oude Geuze VAT Discovery Box


All oak barrels in the Boon brewery have their own history and are characterized by unique microflora of wild yeasts. The bottles of Oude Geuze “VAT” are a combination of one specific wooden barrel (mono) and a minimal percentage of young Lambic (blend), which starts the refermentation in the bottle. The use of Lambic from one specific oak barrel (such barrels are also called “casks”) creates geuzes with very idiosyncratic characteristics: wine-like, whiskey-like, bone-dry or very tender. The number on the bottle always refers to the barrel number.

This box contains 4 such monoblend geuzes (VAT 91, 92, 108 and 110), each different in taste. This makes it ideal as a tasting package or as a gift box. The extra “tasting manual” explains the different beers and barrels, the art of Gueuze serving/tasting and includes space to take your own tasting notes.

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VAT 91
The very subtle, elegant and tender taste of Oude Geuze VAT 91 comes from cask No. 91, formerly used as a calvados barrel in Normandy. Now this cask creates excellent, tender Lambic, ideal for Oude Geuze. VAT 91 is soft, round, full-bodied, complex and balanced. The unique oval shape of cask 91 ensures optimal use of the cask hall.

Brewers tasting notes

VAT 92
This Oude Geuze is the favorite of our tasting team. It is pleasantly full-bodied, complex and has smoky and spicy notes. These unique flavors come from the oak barrel, formerly used for red wine in France in the Rhône valley. The oak clearly leaves a mark on the general taste image and makes a particularly positive contribution to the Lambic aroma.

Brewers tasting notes

VAT 108
The very wine-like accents in this Oude Geuze are combined with a clear ‘old beer’ character, which ensures a firm & robust taste with unmistakable, but not overwhelming volatile acidity. This 1935 barrel comes from another brewery, where the beers contain volatile acids. This cask enriches the character of all our Geuz mixes.

Brewers tasting notes

VAT 110
Oude Geuze Boon VAT 110 owes its slightly dry, but very full-bodied taste, with a touch of vanilla and dry fruit, to cask Nr. 110. This cask was formerly used as a cognac storage barrel and has been employed by the brewery as a Lambic barrel since 2009. This Oude Geuze is characterized by a wealth of aromas developed by the brett yeasts in the barrel.

Brewers tasting notes

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